2004 -2010

2011 - [ Datum heute ]

In December 2004, when Therese was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, at the age of 56, her life with Kaspar broke into thousand pieces. From that instant there was only the Before and a Life in the present. As a former Pharmacist and Activation Therapist, she new right away, what this would mean to her:
- the continuous loss of her cognitive abilities
- the loss of her practical skills
- a life expectancy between 5 and 10 years
- a final stage in total darkness
And all without the slightest prospect of standstill or healing.
What now? How to continue?

Mission & Target

It was the desire of Thérèse, to be looked after and taken care of at home in her familiar environment. Also Kaspar did not want leave his love in foreign custody, and he decided to take care of her personally. With the aim to protect her dignity
and the respect to her personality in all stages of life. And to provide her a high quality of life.
At the same time, she insisted that Kaspar also take care of himself and live his life, in the sad knowledge that one day she wouldn't be able to take care of him anymore . . .

The target is to create a harmonious environment for Thérèse, and to assit her in her activities if necessary. The daily routine should largely be adapted to her natural behaviour and her internal clock. In this way conflict situations can be largely avoided. The inevitable course of the disease should be accompanied as smoothly as possible...

Guiding Principle

The guiding principle is characterized by the common path of life of Thérèse and Kaspar since 1968 and is based on love and mutual trust.

They act responsibly and according to ethical standards.

The Remaining Life in Focus


It took some time before they had recovered from the initial shock, and could deal with their immutable fate. Now, they could walk out and rearrange their life, and deliberately make plans for their remaining life time.

They did not want to give in passively into their fate. They decided to be forward-looking and proactive. What skills are still preserved? What resources are available? What dreams can still be realized?


This has meanwhile become an unbelievable-looking Odyssey, which started in 2004 at their longtime residence in Augst BL / Switzerland, and led them on a Long and Winding Road (sic. The Beatles),  lined with countless memories and experiences, to their new Home in Ban Phe / Thailand in 2011, where she (the Odyssey) in 2019, still keeps them alive and on trot . . .


Heartfelt Thanks !


In dealing with their immutable destiny, they experienced great sympathy and support from their families and friends. And spontaneously from people in everyday life wherever they had been.


Their heartfelt thanks go to all the countless people who have accompanied them, crossed their path, and still accompany them, on their Alzheimer journey. This project would never have been possible without their help and support. Khop khun khrap!

Ban Sabaai Dschai

Thérèse & Kaspar Truninger

Rayong / 21160 THAILAND

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