Care Services in Thailand

Life in Thailand is easier than one might imagine at home. Here the sun shines mostly. Cold and wet months with bare trees you will not find. You can enjoy warming rays of the Sun throughout the year.

The Thai are a lovely people with a calm nature and character. They respect the stranger and welcome him in their "land of smile". Respect for the older generation is deeply rooted in the Buddhist culture and conveyed the Thais from childhood, so that it is an honor for the younger to help the elderly.

In addition to these naturally good conditions, the country also has a good infrastructure, and the cost of living is relatively low. This opens up new possibilities in the field of care. Thus my dear could benefit from loving care around the clock and at every stage of life enjoy a high quality of life. And we could lead a self-determined and independent life.

High quality of care

The sensitive 1:1 care around-the clock creates confidence and harmony in the daily routine.


Thanks to the pleasant climate with lots of Sun,  most of the time can be spent outside.

Maintaining Skills

Outdoor activities throughout the year help  preserve existing skills.

Healthy Food

Plenty of fish, poultry and vegetables with Asian ingredients are a healthy and varied food, and ensure well-being.

Language and Communication

The communication is done by proximity, sense, facial expression and body language.

There are no language barriers …

Free movement in the private backyard

The tropical environment with lush vegetation and fauna with many small creatures, lizards and birds ensures variety and well-being.

Professional Accompaniment

The care-procedures are periodically reviewed and adapted by a certified professional Nurse

Medical Care

The Medical care takes place in the Bangkok Hospital, Pattaya (70 km) according to International Standards, with 6-month follow-up and with the same medication.

Visits from our loved ones

Thailand is a popular holiday destination. Thus family members and friends come to visit us occasionlly. So we do not completely lose contact to our Home Country.


Thanks to the - compared to Switzerland - lower cost of living, this model of care is possible at all. The cost is many times lower than in a nursing home in Switzerland.

Ban Sabaai Dschai

Thérèse & Kaspar Truninger

Rayong / 21160 THAILAND

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