Augst / Switzerland    2005 - 2010

In August 2005  Kaspar took over the care of his beloved wife at their home in Augst BL / Switzerland. He became a Houseman and gave his best as a Caregiver. After he got the Houshold under control, he could take better care of his love, and plan joint activities. At this stage, her practical and emotional skills were fairly intact and he could still undertake a lot of things with her, like for example shopping, attend concerts with classical music, participate in public events, such as (football matches of FC Basel, autumn fair, Christmas market, or Carnival). At home, she developed a passion for drawing and painting. Also on trips, she felt visibly comfortable and was thrilled to discover sights that were still present in her brain. (New York, Paris, Dubai, Lisbon, Thailand).  Physically, she was still well in the shot and in the winter of 2010 she could still do cross country skiing and downhill skiing . . .  and . . .


It was still in her! The amazing thing was, that she needed a push for all these activities. Inherently, she would only sit around and would not know what she should do. Fortunately Kaspar realized soon, that she was grateful for any suggestion, and that she then could deepen full of energy and enthusiasm into an activity. So, he started to regard their situation more and more as a Management Task, and to make use of the remaining competences with utmost consequence. Through these small impulses, Thérèse was still able to lead an active and fulfilling life for many years. It is thrilling, to see how many happy moments they could share together.

Medically they were looked after by the Memory Clinic in Basel (medical follow-up and family group).
From the Swiss Alzheimer's Association, they could regularely get expert council.
And they took advantage of the practical support offers of Red Cross Basellandschaft (day care center),

Pro Senectute beider Basel (memory training)

Nevertheless, due to the inexorable progression of the disease, this task became more and more difficult to cope with. Kaspar needed help urgently! In December 2010, the Memory Clinic Basel, attested that "a domestic care of Mrs Truninger is barely reasonable / possible".

In the search of alternative care options they had already travelled several times to Thailand, and had made consistently good experiences there. As regards the respect of the Thai people with elderly and disabled people, as well as on the pleasant climate and good living conditions. For these reasons they emigrated to Thailand in January 2011.

Ban Sabaai Dschai

Thérèse & Kaspar Truninger

Rayong / 21160 THAILAND

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