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An Edition in English Language is under production by

Austin Macauley Publishers, New York

People say

The touching Autobiography

of a concerned couple, with everything that comes along with Alzheimers. But also with

a lot of lightful and happy moments. A lovestory that withstands destiny.




The shock of the Diagnose


Caretaking at home


Changing roles at home


Limits of homecare




New life in Thailand


Caretaking quality


Financial aspects

"This book is touching and goes under the skin. You did so much for your love. That is why her blue eyes still glow."

Irene H.

 "It would be great to have an English version of this book. It could be an inspiration for a lot of people concerned.

American Alzheimer Specialist


"I congratulate you for this very personal work. It lets one guess how much work is behind. The illustrative details and the well chosen language did fascinate me.

Peter R.

"iI almost swollowed this book. It is written with love and easy to read. One can well imagine the situation.

Barbara S.

" I have been touched by this book. It showed me what is possible with love, true love."

Roger W.

ISBN:             978-3-7357-0226-5

" Mom couldn't have it better anywhere else. And this shows on her

Andrea & Daniela, Daughters

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